Friday, 1 February 2013

Yummy Yitro

Parashat Yitro has two main parts; Yitro's role within the Jewish people and the giving of the Aseret Hadibrot [the Ten "Commandments"].

Although Yitro's modification of the court system and conversion to Judaism are noteworthly, the big deal is the receiving of the Luchot Habrit.

I wanted to do a project of making large 'tablets' with lift the flaps so that under the letter or words, there would be an image of it so the girls could better learn what is actually in the Aseret Hadibrot. But I couldn't find any appropriate image on adultry and I ran out of time with the busy back to school week. :(

Cohava came home from school with a cute and easy parasha project. There were the first ten letters of the alef bet printed out. The children cut them out and glued them in order on the fingers of disposable gloves. Great activity. The letters fell off of her gloves, so she hand wrote them on at home.

Then we got to work on a Har Sinai cake.

Truth be told, most of the work on it was mine. So I let the girls have free reign of making luchot biscuits.

Shabbat Shalom!!!

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