Friday, 8 February 2013

Bowled Over by Mishpatim

Let's be honest. Parashat Mishpatim is pretty dull, especially when compared with Matan Torah in last week's parasha. I struggled to make it relevant and interesting for the girls, but there is not much to be done with the laws of Jewish slaves or the behavior of an ox.

Some parts are very relevant to children, such as not telling lies and the prohibition of hitting one's parents.

Still, I was stuck for a project.  Then Gabi had occupational therapy and the therapist recommended bowling for gross motor and coordination. I saw a project that kills two birds with one stone (or ball).

Bowling Pins of Averot!

On the computer I found images to reflect some of the prohibitions in Mishpatim. I added text for literacy and printed them out.

After printing these, I found six empty bottles in the recycling bin.
I gave the girls the pictures and we had a long talk about them and why we 'push down' averot. ( I am waiting for them to see someone with a  bar in their ear and ask if they are a slave. hee hee)

Then the girls got the tape and assembled their new bowling pins.

Minutes later it was time to test them out.

Shabbat Shalom!

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