Thursday, 24 January 2013

Beshalach- packed full of fun

There is so much to think about this Shabbat! Parasha Beshalach is so full of narrative and contains shirat ha'yam, making this Shabbat Shira. Add that to Tu B'Shvat and it is almost too much!

The parasha begins with Bnei Yisrael beginning their journey in the wilderness. G-d begins to lead them on a safer, more circuitous route to Eretz Yisrael. But suddenly, they are facing Yam Suf, the Sea of Reeds. And Paroh's army is pursuing them. As Gabi likes to say (in French), "Catastrophe!" Hashem provides another miracle; the famous, miraculous, awesome moment of the splitting of the sea.
Who doesn't love the power of that experience? The girls decided to act it out.
They journeyed through the desert until they reached the blue expanse of the Yam Suf. Gabi summarized the story of Nachshon Ben Aminadaz.

 The sea split, the Israelites moved through, and the girl's sang and danced together. Although we could not find our 'Miriam tambourines', they danced to a recording of "Az Yashir Moshe."

The girl's then moved to their (and my) favorite part of the parasha: Man (Manna)! 
They chose some toy food and pretended to chow down, marveling at how it tasted like whatever they wanted.

 Ruti chose a different maan.

It is my plan to make some form of man with the girls. There are various recipes for man online.
But that isn't how I always imagined G-d's magic food. I have always pictured something like cotton candy. Because man only fell in the morning, tomorrow the girls will find something white, like coriander seeds, honey on a wafer, probably formed from our cotton candy (fairy floss) machine. 
For Shabbat dessert, I plan to modify this recipe for honey ice cream cones, into the desert dessert. Then people can top it with various things to fulfill the midrash of the man tasting like whatever people wanted.

Wishing you a fruity, musical Shabbat!

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