Wednesday, 30 April 2014

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Last Shabbat was incredible!!! In addition to many wonderful things (a brit milah, a lovely lunch, nice weather) my children played nicely for ALL of Shabbat! After so much Yom Tov, this is a major accomplishment. Each toy they played with was a new exciting adventure, so they played happily and independently. I napped briefly.

How did this magic happen and how can you be a part of it? I know that is what you are asking yourself right now. And I will tell you how.

 Last week was finally Gabi's turn to get the Shabbat Box at school. Like Ira in The Shabbat Box, Gabi had been counting the weeks until it was finally her turn. We were invited to the school for a short and sweet presentation and Gabi came home with the big, coveted box.

I was surprised by the content. It was not, as I had assumed, just the items needed to turn Friday into Shabbat. It was mostly a box of books, toys, and games. Along the way different children donating more contents.

The Shabbat box wasn't about the rituals of Shabbat. It was about celebrating Shabbat! Playing with family and friends! It totally nailed what Shabbat is about. My children were so excited to take out each "new" item. It truly made our Shabbat one of Shalom.

So there you have it. The secret to the magic Shabbat of happy children is having a child in Gabi's class and one day getting the Shabbat Box.

That won't work? Then we need community Shabbat Boxes. I will be filling a plastic box with at least

  • a baby/toddler toy
  • 2 picture books
  • gender neutral chapter books on different reading levels
  • 1 board game
  • 1 card game/puzzle
  •  reading material for adults
If you want the Shabbat Box let me know. It will go on rotation around the community. If you want to keep something from the box, replace it with something similar you don't need back. Keep 'Sorry' and put in 'Guess Who'. If you have something else to add to the box, please do. The changing nature of the box is part of the fun.

If there is a high interest, multiple boxes can be made. The excitement of this box appearing at your house before Shabbat is huge! The need it fills is enormous.  

I am only volunteering to set up the box swap in my community, but others should consider it. 

Leave a comment  if you want to join, or have advice on this undertaking.


  1. Sharona - I'm going to share this with a lot of folks.
    Love, Abba

  2. Thanks, Abba. But where are my interested parties? So far I have 3 families committed...

  3. me too. what do I have to do?