Friday, 24 January 2014

Mishpatim- The way to live your life

Parashat Mishpatim is heavily laden with mitzvot with an impressive 53 (although the most mitzvot per parasha [mpp] is parashat Ki Teztei).  Last year we discussed some of the specific mitzvot and made a bowling set with it.

This year we looked more at the themes. Following the 10 Commandments [Utterances] in last weeks parasha, this week seems like a let down. But really it is the details of how we live our lives. The ins and outs of daily life. Not every day is the Torah given on Mt. Sinai. But every day we still go through important and seemingly unimportant actions. It is in parashat Mishpatim that the people utter the words,נעשה ונשמה "naaseh v'nishma" "We will do an we will listen."

The daily details and accepting them without asking are just what my family needs to start focusing on. We are getting organized!

First the girls and I sat down and discussed what needs to be accomplished during the week (ie putting away laundry) and what must be done on or by certain days (ie homework due on Thursday).
Collectively we decided what would be done when.
Then I had the job of typing the schedule for each day. Print, laminate, and post in kitchen and bedroom.

Here is the system I used: A=Abba, E=Ema, and so forth.
This is how Monday looks:

So far they are enthusiastic about it and seem to have more free time, as they finish without complaining.

There is also more 'naaseh v'nishma' and less, "but WHY do I have to brush my teeth every night!?!"

Picking out clothes for school is a big deal for Cohava. She said that one of the things she misses most about Australia is wearing a school uniform. "Everyone was the same!" she declared. Choosing her clothes each day now is a laborious process.

At first they would choose their clothes and drop them on the floor.

Then I gave them each a pretty, small, reusable shopping bag (thank you post x-mas sale) and showed them how to put all the non-hanger items in the bag. Finally, hang clothes on special hook in their room.

They are really taking pride in their new, more structured daily routine. We need mitzvot and we need routine to thrive.

What does your family do to stay organized?

Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. It's all in my head, and my lists and my charts. Maybe I should let them all know about it, like you do - might make things run just a bit smoother!