Friday, 10 January 2014


 This morning I successfully laid hot cinnamon buns on the floor, without the children seeing.

"Ema, breakfast is on the floor," Cohava announced.
"Because...?" she was confused but by now she knows it must be Torah related. "Umm, because Moshe, umm. I don't know the reason. But these taste incredible!" 

"You found incredible tasting food on the ground and..." 
"It is man! But, you actually put it on the floor. So really, you are like Datan and Aviram," Cohava concluded and returned to her pastry.

A few minutes later Gabi entered the kitchen and screamed, "Why did Ruti throw my breakfast on the floor?" 

Eventually she was placated and the girls were eating happily. I realized that although called 'manna' in English, the Hebrew is 'man' or 'mon', coming from the phrase "mon hu?" "what is this?" 

More importantly, it is 'Nom' backwards. As in Cookie Monster is yelling mon backwards whenever he eats.

Shabbat Shalom! Nom nom nom
mon mon mon

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