Thursday, 22 December 2016

Vayeshev- Bleeding Striped Tunics

My girls were riveted by the story of brothers and jealousy in this week's perasha. I love it too, as I blogged about here and here. Tova was particularly fascinated by them putting sheep's blood on Yosef's kutonet pasim, striped tunic.

Our project involved sharpies on T shirts, which is what I did here four years ago. But this time, with Tova's interest in the blood, we made our shirts 'bleed'.

Step one:
Place a hard surface inside a white t-shirt. We used our metal art trays.

 Step two:
Use sharpies to add colored lines. Cover all sides of the shirt.

Step 3:
Add alcohol to the colored stripes.  This causes the colors to bleed. They are more beautiful this way, and (sort of) add to the whole sheep blood thing.
 We have denatured alcohol and water in a spray bottle near the sink all the time. This cleaning item was great to use for ease and to strengthen hand muscles.


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