Saturday, 31 December 2016

Miketz- Full of Feelings.

I have always loved Miketz; the action, hashagachat prati, and the ultimate cliffhanger.  Three years ago we enjoyed reading this perasha at Thanksgiving time, with my family here.  Five years ago was this really cool project.  Because it has been so long since I actively taught my girls perasha, the younger children really do not what happens in the Torah.

We have been making our way through the 'Yosef story'. On Shabbat afternoon, I tell them the story of the coming week's perasha. Sometime we act it out.  This time Cohava (who knows it all and then some), was with us.  I told the story until the brothers come back from Egypt the first time, then we acted out the perasha, with the children choosing their roles.  Cohava was Yosef, Ruti was Binyamin, Tova was Yaakov, and I was the other brothers. Cohava went into the kitchen and loaded school bags with granola bars and crackers to give to the hungry brothers.  Cohava stopped Ruti and I as we carried our bags, accusing us of stealing a very special cup.  Ruti said, "Oh no! There was a theif! Thieves are bad. But we are not thieves." When she discovered Abba's kiddush cup in her bag she balled! I don't mean cried, I mean flung herself to the floor and was inconsolable for 10 minutes.  I had a variety of emotions as I consoled her.  One of them was my awe at the raw emotions of the Torah that we often become jaded towards as we read it each year. One of the countless reasons I love teaching preschool is observing the emotions, newness, and wonderment of children gaining knowledge.

I planned to make granola, like the grains in the storehouses, but because the cup was so pivotal to Ruti, we decorated special wine cups.

With beads, wine, and permanent markers we made our wine glasses extraordinary.

 May each sip of Torah be fresh, meaningful, and impactful for you.  

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