Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Unique Prints Vayishlach

Last year I wrote about how much of parashat Vayishlach's content is challenging to teach to children. It wasn't any easier this year.

We spoke about Yaakov preparing to meet Esav. I asked the girls what three things they would do if Esav were coming for them. After some deliberation they decided on 1) Run away 2) Hide behind a tree 3)Say 'I'm sorry'. When they compared it to the actual three actions they were disappointed they left out prayer.

We reviewed Dina's "kidnapping" and discussed ways to stay safe. We reviewed 'stranger danger', practiced  the idea of calling 911, and memorized our address and phone numbers.

The project focused on Hashem giving Yaakov a new name, 'Yisrael'. Our names are one of the unique things about us, like our body, hair, and eye color. But all of these unique things can be changed as we change. I told the girls that only one part of us cannot change and that it is not like anyone else's.
"Our neshama?" Cohava asked.
"Umm, yes, but I meant fingerprints."

We had a mini science lesson about the shapes on fingerprints and their incredible uniqueness.

Then we took our unique, unchanging fingerprints and wrote our names.
I wrote their names in pencil so they had a line to trace. With colored ink pads, they went to work.
It was messy, but the girls were very excited about their fingerprint shape and their art.
They also used fingerprints to make pictures of the meanings of their names.

Have wipes on hand for easy clean-up.

I might sit with Ruti (and Tova?) to guide their fingers.

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