Thursday, 21 June 2012

Challah - Parashat Korach

When I make challah (which is not as often as I would like) I generally do not make the traditional plaits (braids). There are many reasons for this, which I might go into in a future blog. Instead I shape the dough into something related to the parasha.
Then my children and the guests have to guess what the shape is and how it connects to the week's Torah portion. The children love the guessing game and funny shapes, and it ensures the shabbat meal starts with a Torah-based discussion.
Of course my artwork is often a bit lacking. A few weeks ago at school, one of the children pointed to the board and said, "Morah Sharona, what does a dinosaur have to do with milk?" "That is a cow." "But it looks like a dinosaur."
So here are this week's challot. Based on my parasha summary in my previous post can you guess what the challot are meant to be? There are two sets.

And these


  1. Wow - that's brilliant. I love how you've included the week's parasha in the challah!