Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Brachot: Fruit

On the Jewish calendar it is actually a quiet time.  Northern Hemisphere Jewish schools aren't missing out on anything! We use the down time in seasonal curriculum to cover brachot.
Usually we start with hamotzei, the prayer for bread, and work our way down on order in which they are said (hamotzei, gefen, mezonot, etz, adama, shehakol). However, this year I realized (don't know why it had not been realized before) the best way to teach 'borei pri ha etz' praising the Creator of the fruit of the trees, is by fruit picking. Winter means that the citrus on the trees will drop off soon. Therefore I arranged a field trip to the house next door to kinder, where the lovely owners let us pick from their mandarin trees. The truit was divine, the children had a wonderful time, and hopefully learned something.

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  1. The field trip sounds like a wonderful idea. Glad the kids (and you!)had a good time :)