Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Bo- 3 plagues 3 projects!

Since we have been in the swing of perasha projects, my girls are very enthusiastic. From the time we finish Shabbat lunch, they start asking if they can learn next week's portion. It is heartwarming and a little frustrating because it is hard to stay two steps ahead. Now we do a small project on Motzei Shabbat and a larger one on Sunday, when I have had time to think of a project.

Motzei Shabbat: Paroh hardened his heart. We compared this phrase to the euphemism 'changed his mind'.  "It is because your heart is like, all of you. Because it is for love, so if it hardens, love cannot come out!" Ruti explained.
Shrinky-dink hearts!



Project 2: Cohava did color mixing with the girls, in an attempt to show darkness (the plague) and the power of black (color). I don't think her plan worked the way she wanted.

Project 3- The Real One! Matza: food of slavery or freedom
Discussions on whether Matza is a sign of Jewish slavery or freedom can be seen on most Torah websites near Pesach. Simply, it is both. It was the food of our slavery, which we took proud ownership of in our freedom.
Does Matza taste of freedom? Tova thinks so. Matza pizza (without sauce) is her daily lunch request. Two of my kids dislike matza. One is neutral. If we are going to take ownership of it, we should be thrilled with matza and revel in eating it.
So we did!
I got the recipe for Matza Crack here.
 Debate if matza tastes like slavery or freedom.
 mix margarine and brown sugar.
 bring to a low boil
 spread toffee on matza (stop licking fingers!)
 spread more
 bake until bubbly
 add chocolate
spread more.

Refrigerate until firm.

Try not to eat it all! Matza taste like freedom and heaven and heath bars...

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