Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Building up Ki Tetzei

It has been a very busy few weeks. We did not have the time to invest in this week's parasha like we did with this one on shiloach ha'ken or this one on beged ish
But sometimes simpler is better. 
Ruti was playing with the Polly Pockets and setting furniture on the Polly house roof. "You are playing so nicely with the dolls, Ruti," I remarked.
"They are having a birthday party up so high!" she explained.
"What fun. But a little dangerous. What if they fall?" I asked.
"They will be so careful," she reassured me. 
As I had hoped, the 'big girls' overheard the conversation.
"Ema! I learned in the parasha what we need to do! The Polly's have a flat roof-" Gabi started to explain but Cohava cut her off.
"It needs a fence!" Cohava yelled. 
They girls debated different building materials and finally settled on duplo blocks.
Tada! Now the Polly's are keeping the mitzva of putting a fence on a flat roof. But those Polly Pockets still need a lot of work on modest attire...

 Adding a roof to a structure is fun for kids in any construction medium and takes very little time. Once it has been built, the mitzva will be remembered forever. And building together always works on community building and negotiating skills. Everyone wins!

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