Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Water Play in the 9 Days

Observing the nine days is always hard. Obviously, it is meant to be challenging and meaningful. But it is hard to keep kids at home and camp cool during the summer, without swimming. At camp there was always efforts at 'instructional only' swim to take away from the leisure component, but it was a stretch. 

But this year, I have a real plan!!!

I saw 'water blobs' on pinterest and everyone promised they were easy to make. Not true. It was a pain. But mostly worth it. Here is how waterless water play works.

Steps one
Cut a large sheet of very heavy duty painter's plastic. Large, like 10 feet X 5 feet. 
Grab a roll of parchment paper, and set up your iron/ironing board.

Fold the plastic in half, making one large square (now we are at 5 X 5). Around the edges of the plastic, fold half an inch, twice. Place this folded edge under the parchment paper and iron on medium low heat. It takes some effort to get the hang of it, but in no time you will be fusing the edges. 

Go all the way around, leaving about a two inch hole. This took me a long time, but I am not adept at ironing. 

Step 2:
 This is optional, but I gave the ironed plastic sheet to children and let them decorate it with permanent markers. I planned to let them fill it with glitter and pompoms, but there wasn't time. 

Step 3: Find an open spot in the yard and set out the plastic sheet. Make sure the hose reaches the bag and that you have duct tape ready.

Step 4: Fill it up!
Place the hose in your two inch gap. Have someone else working the hose. When it is full, slide the hose out (after the other person turned it off) and quickly duct tape the hole closed.

 Step 5:
Invite kids to play on it!
The girls were absolutely thrilled. They cheered, insisting it was the most incredible thing they had ever experienced. Seriously. Over and over. Each new girl to come out and test it was awed and gushed with enthusiasm.

 100% Kosher 'Water' Play in the 9 Days!

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