Friday, 27 June 2014

Chukat Beyond Understanding

Two years ago when I wrote about Chukat the girls focused on the death (and life) of Miriam and Moshe hitting the rock.  Last year we discussed using our words and not our hands in times of anger and frustration. I felt this year We should branch out and look at more elements of the perasha.

I started by explaining the word chok, (from Chukat) how some things God commands are 
completely beyond our understanding and reasoning but we do them because He commands them. (I didn't actually discuss the para aduma/red heifer because that will be next year).
We reviewed the passing of Miriam and the midrashic connection between her well and the complaining for water. The girls enjoyed taking terms reading the Hebrew.

Later in the day we discussed the scenario with the snakes. Hashem sends a plague of poisonous 
snakes and Bnei Yisrael are dying from them.  Moshe beseeches God and He instructs 
Moshe to construct a snake from copper and place it on a stick. When the Israelites gaze upon this structure they are cured.
"Girls, I'll be honest. I don't understand what is going on here. Why the snakes? Why the copper one?
  Do you have any ideas?"
"Ema, it is a chok! It is in this parasha because we cannot understand it. And we don't need to understand. HaShem does and that is enough," Gabi explained. Yet again I am 
rendered speechless by  her insights. 

I cannot get the pictures to format at all so I will just describe the rest and you can decide how the pictures correlate.  Gabi and Ruti took cups, filled them with rocks, got a stick and 
secretly put water in. They pretended they were Moshe. (Really Gabi did it and Ruti joined in on stick, rock, water fun). 

Then we painted paper plates. One plate we cover in copper glitter. When they dried we cut them around to turn the plate into a coil. Googley eyes and red foam turned coil into snake. 

Hopefully we will put on a play with camp (we are at Sephardic Adventure Camp right now) with the snakes.  

Shabbat shalom!!!

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