Saturday, 12 October 2013

Seeing Stars- Lech Lecha

It has been a busy week, so the girls did not have an opportunity to make something for Lech Lecha.  We talked a lot about what Hashem asks of Avraham in leaving his land, birthplace, and his father's house to an unknown place. We spoke about our own journey and how it makes us feel. My big girls have now lived in 3 continents!

Last year we did make something but I never blogged about it.
So here goes:

There are countless beautiful elements in parasha Lech Lecha, first and foremost getting to know Avraham and Sarah. But the moment which most makes my heart sing is when Avraham stares into the night sky and Hashem promises him as many offspring as there are stars. It is no coincidence that my eldest’s name is Cohava, ‘star’.
In order to capture the majesty of those countless stars and be able to look at them night and day, we made star globes. Like snowglobes, but of the night sky.

Tools required:
Empty glass jar with lid
baby oil
hot glue gun
anything starry/sparkly, like sequence

I had fun collecting random star things, like these clear plastic stars. Cohava colored them with gold permanent markers and I hot glue gunned them to the lid of the jar.

Then the girl filled the jars with glitter and sequence. And put star stickers on the outside. Who doesn't love sparkles?!?

Then the baby oil is added. You could probably use something other than baby oil, but it worked. We filled the jar about 75% with oil, 20% water, 5% air.

On went the lid with hot glue (glue it really well), and walla! A star globe!
It is hard to capture the beauty on camera. You have to make one yourself.
Maybe next year we will make a telescope and enjoy the real deal.

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