Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Back to the Beginning

I hope everyone is having a wonderful season of chagim. Sorry for the hiatus, but if there is ever a time to start something anew it is Simchat Torah and parashat Beresheit.

Beresheit is one parasha where everyone knows the story.  God creates the world, Adam and Eve sin and are banished from the Garden of Eden, and so on. 

I have taught the creation story many times, each time with a different project, posters, books, etc. My favorite was last year (which I missed blogging about). It was a box where each side was decorated with a picture of a different day of creation. Inside the box were candlesticks, a kiddush cup, and a challah cover.

As I said before, everyone knows the story but if you ask the average person, "What did God create on day three?" they are stumped. They will probably try to count on their fingers. And that leads us to this years project: Beresheit nails! This way, all week (more or less) my girls will be looking at an image which is on the corresponding digit.

There is a someone, Midrash Manicures, who already decorates nails for each parasha and blogs about it. But I am not a good nail artist, so that isn't for me. My plan was to use this very cool method of making your own nail decals. I collected a variety of images for each day. Unfortunately, I don't have a printer to try the process. :(
But I painted the girls nails white. 
Then I got the primary colors I used to for milk/meat/pareve in the kitchen and attempted to paint the first three days. Light looks like an omelet, but the girls know it is light and that is what counts.

 A blue stripe at the top and bottom of ring finger is for sky and water. 'Tall man' has a flower. But sun moon and stars is going to be really hard to free hand. Hopefully I will find a printer tomorrow. I made lots of those little images for a wide margin of error. If others try this, please let me know how it goes.

Fingers 1-7 are pretty self explanatory. The snake is for 8. Nine and ten are the Torah and the 'bet' for Beresheit.
Moadim B'Simcha!


  1. do you think I could do it with the boys?... ;) that is really cool though! Moadim lesincha. Moriya.

  2. Of course you could do it with the boys. Well, maybe not... ;-)