Friday, 16 August 2013

Shoftim - A real yarn

Parashat Shoftim is one of the parshiot where the subject matches the title. Most of the parasha deals with leadership; who, how, when, and what. Towards the end of the Torah reading there is the mitzvah of giving the first shearing of your sheep to the Kohanim. This does relate to spiritual leadership, but the theme of giving to Kohanim is not unique to this parasha. The wool given must be sufficient to make at least a small article of clothing. We can't all make ourselves great leaders of Israel (some of us must be the sheep) but we can all make something out of wool.
I planned to finger knit scarves with the girls for our project.

I had begun teaching them last month, but misplaced the yarn before we finished our scarves. I went to Target to buy more yarn, but they don't sell yarn :(. The week went by with no project :(.

On Sunday we went to my aunt and uncle's beach house. There were many lovely surprising waiting for us. One was cardboard weaving looms and yarn!!!
My aunt made a loom for each girl, equipt with beautiful thread and safety needles (definitely not from my Target)!
She left the instructions. We have our work cut out for us.

At the fair we saw the wool and the loom to turn in into yarn. The girls have tried that before.

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