Friday, 7 September 2012

The Torah Rocks! Ki Tavo

During the last few parshiot it has been harder to think of parsha projects. Thankfully, in Parashat Ki Tavo Hashem commanded the Jewish people to do a project. "Take a large rock, write the all of the words of the Torah on it. Cover it in plaster and take it with you."

"Where can we get some rocks?" I asked the girls.
"We don't have any," Gabi replied.
"Oh, I know! At the petrol station on the way to beit kenneset!" Cohava yelled.
"We don't pass a petrol station on the way, " I stated.
"Umm, we used to. There wasn't any pertol there, but there was a little white wall, and inside of it were little rocks," she explained. Yes, two years ago, our path to shul took us past a 7-11, with some pebbles outside. Good memory Cohava.

In the end I bought some rocks. The girls had a blast decorating them. Then it was time to plaster them.

"I don't want to put plaster on it. Then you won't see my pictures."

So we didn't.

Both girls wore buns "rocks" in their hair today.

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