Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Shhh...Don't tell Abba [father's day]

This coming Sunday is Father's Day in Australia. Other than the school's curriculum Father's day is not something we usually do, but this year we actually did something. 

I was at Kmart on a search for something for this week's parasha project, but was unsuccessful. However I did find 'bamboo cookbook stands'. They were on clearance for $3 each. Apparently no one has a used for a cookbook stand. 

But every ben Torah needs a shtender [book stand] ! 

The girls got to work painting.

We hid them outside to dry for the night. 

My husband has had a very busy week, so the next evening he was out again so we had more work time. 

With permanent markers the girls decorated. Cohava worked hard, writing "Torah" over and over, as well as the alef bet and numbers. 

Gabi said hers was a picture of our beit knessset, with Torahs and happy people. 

Ok readers, you cannot tell my husband about the project. Maybe on Sunday I will get a picture of him using it.

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  1. What a wonderful gift (and fab idea of course!)

    The girls did a fantastic job in colouring/painting and writing letters :)