Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Devarim Diaries

 Parashat Devarim (and much of sefer Devarim) recounts the journeys, experiences, and misdeeds of bnei Yisrael since they left Egypt forty years earlier. My daughters know most of the events recounted, especially from the sin of the spies parasha project. But the idea of forty years or time in general is difficult. So the girls and I spoke about recalling our own personal journey.
Cohava started by recounting her day, what she did from the time she woke up, from modei ani until that exact moment.
 When we tried to go a little before that, both girls drew a blank.
Then we started this week's project-Devarim Diaries!
I purchased two bound notebooks and printed dozens of old pictures of the girls. Armed with glue sticks, they leafed through the pictures and chose which ones they felt best represented their personal journeys.
Gabi would pick up pictures from a year ago and said things like, "After that we ate some pizza."
I will print some more pictures and tomorrow we will work on writing captions for our journey journals/devarim diaries.
And that is this week's parasha project.

Have a shabbat shalom and an easy and meaningful fast. I will try to come up with a good tisha b'av project that will keep the children occupied. 

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